Puerto de Sagunto´s beach Travesía Mediterráneo N 02, 4, 46520 Puerto de Sagunto, Valencia, España
Icon : Beach
County : Sagunto county
Type of beach : Semiurban
Clasificación : Beach
Ocupación : H
Blue flag : B
Beach bar :
Juegos infantil : P
Minusvalidos : H
Camping :
Restaurante : R
Parquing : P
Nudista :

Sagunto county > Puerto de Sagunto´s beach

Of great width and length, the city beach, emblem of the municipality, is provided with innumerable attractions. From the cared for dune system, with a width of up to eighty meters; up to its promenade, which is pleasant, elegant and full of services. Its fine sands are very sought after as a residential and vacational area, and has a high occupancy. Nonetheless there is no overwhelming sensation due to its large size. In the south side, near the port´s pier, there are usually perfect waves for surfing.

Length: 1.350 meter Width: 170 meter

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Smooth sand
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