Aigües Blanques beach (White Waters´ beach) Travesía Virgen del Mar Travesía 6, 46780 Oliva, Valencia, España
Icon : Beach
County : Oliva county
Type of beach : Rustic
Clasificación : Beach
Ocupación : M
Blue flag : B
Beach bar : B
Juegos infantil : P
Minusvalidos : H
Camping :
Restaurante : R
Parquing : P
Nudista :

Oliva county > Aigües Blanques beach (White Waters´ beach)

The beach of Aigües Blanques, with its recent, yet controlled urbanism, is a haven of peace and family vacation. Its dunes are high and of considerable width, as high as fifty meters. This is a very well taken care of beach, with a rustic appearance that furthermore has very lively snack bars.

Length: 970 meter Width: 60 meter

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Smooth sand
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