El Perellonet´s beach Paseo de las Goles, 10, 46012 El Perellonet, Valencia, España
Icon : Beach
County : València (El Perellonet) county
Type of beach : Rustic
Clasificación : Beach
Ocupación : M
Juegos infantil : P
Restaurante : R
Parquing : P

València (El Perellonet) county > El Perellonet´s beach

Hidden in the old town of El Perellonet, associated with one of the outlets to the sea of Albufera (Gold del Perellonet), we find this quiet and pleasant beach. A fossilized dune which according to experts is more than two hundred thousand years of age, separates us from the constructions that were carried out during the real-estate bubble. It is a protected area that even though it is located so close to the buildings, it does not lose its appeal. In this stretch one can experience a feeling of deja-vu which will take you back to the traditional past of the area. A family spot and with great restoration opportunities around the area, complete a very authentic setting, even though it lacks a promenade.

Length: 745 meter Width: 95 meter

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Smooth sand
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