Albuixec´s beach (Albuixec´s Pier)

V-21, 8, 46550 Albuixech, Valencia, España
El tiempo en Albuixech
17°  11° 
15 km/h
21°  12° 
13 km/h
Humedad:68%   +info
Icon : Breakwater
County : Albuixec county
Type of beach : Rustic
Clasificación : Breakwater
Ocupación : Low capacity
Parquing : Parking

Albuixec county > Albuixec´s beach (Albuixec´s Pier)

Just like in its neighbouring municipality, Albalat dels Sorells, this is a breakwater used to protect the motorway cv21 from the impact of the sea, which at this point runs parallel to it. It is barely separated by dunes which are very sought after by joggers and cyclists. The big rocky breakwater also attracts those who fish with a rod since the seabed is sandy.

Length: 2200 meter Width


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