El Salvador beach Av. del Estany, 39, 46409 Cullera, Valencia, España
Icon : Cove
County : Cullera county
Type of beach : Rustic
Clasificación : Cove
Ocupación : L
Blue flag :
Beach bar :
Juegos infantil :
Minusvalidos :
Camping :
Restaurante : R
Parquing : P
Nudista :

Cullera county > El Salvador beach

The northern point of the entry of lake l´Estany gets its name from El Salvador, the famous restaurant that is in one of its banks. This is a cove which is formd by many breakwaters, forming an extensive area with dunes in its interior. At this location, we are able to get a glimpse of a part of the lagoon, with its traditional landscape and the rural style which is associated to it. This is a beautiful and charming stretch and is one of Cullera´s magical enclaves. There are no services of any kind.

Length: 230 meter Width: 115 meter


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Smooth sand
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